Klimentina | About
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Summarised in one word Klimentina’s primary focus lies on interaction. Her work ranges from stage-based concepts through audio-visual compositions to educational forms of social experiments. Klimentina’s narratives are researching on the common grounds of those fields while questioning the already known. Her background in theatre and pedagogy inspires her to observe new strategies for empirical communication and immersive experiences.

After finishing her B.A. in Stage and Costume Design and B.A. of Art Education at the National Academy of Art in Sofia, externalized her skills via media and interaction. She completed her master’s degree in the Interface Cultures department at Kunstuniversität Linz. Currently, she is pursuing her second M. A. in Experimental Game Cultures at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

She is driven by the implementation of Organisational and Cognitive Ergonomics elements combined with a new genre of social and cultural events.

~ MAY 2020 | SOHO in Ottakring Festival, Video Production and participation in the concerts of the Construction Choir Collective – “Vocal Methamorphosis”
, Vienna

~ NOVEMBER 2019 | Audio-Visual Performance with Yuzu |Milena Georgieva| part of JESHK Festival für Experimentalle Musik, Vienna

~ JULY 2019 | VJ & Stage Design – Festival in the Nature | Where We At Festival. Magliz, Bulgaria

~ DECEMBER 2018 | Guest Lecture at Universität Wien  –
“The human Factor in Culture of Interfaces” Department: Publizistik und Kommunikationswissenschaft, Class “Changes in the field of Communications after the year 2000”

~ SEPTEMBER 2018 | Curator of exhibition part of
“Digital Design weekend” V&A Museum and Austrian Cultural Forum, London

~ SEPTEMBER 2018 | “Through the Far-See-Er”, Performative, multimedia installation. part of Ars Electronica Festival 2018,
AFO Linz 

~ JUNE 2017 | NODE Forum for Digital Arts, Volunteer bar manager, Frankfurt

~ FEBRUARY 2018 | Transmediale, Volunteer exhibition space, Berlin

~ NOVEMBER 2017 | Relogia Trialogues,” The Culture in need of Interface” talk Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridsky”

~ OCTOBER 2017 | Ars Electronica Festival
“The other
Set and Graphic Design – Campus Exhibition

~OCTOBER 2016 | “Priceless” exhibition participation, in collaboration with Mario Romera Gomez, Kunstuniversitat Linz

~JANUARY 2016 | Interface Culture Musikkapelle

~ JUNE 2015 | “13TH Month” Stage and Costume Designer, Director: Valeriya Vulcheva, “WIND” Association, Sofia

~ AUGUST 2014 | Creating and promoting personal design brand –
, Sofia

~ JUNE 2014 | “Exit the King” Stage and Costume Designer, Director Ventsislav Sariev, NATFA Sofia

~ OCTOBER 2014 | Award VI Literary competition “Dobromir Tonev”, Radio Plovdiv

~ APRIL 2013 | Issued book of poetry “Thinkture”, Radio Cafe Sofia

~ JUNE 2012 | 2nd prize Artist Competition “The Soul of a Spring”, Yambol

~ JULY 2011 | Award from the contest “My Theater Today”, Drama Theater Varna

~ JULY 2011 | Solo exhibition “VERVE” gallery “Harmony”, Varna

~ MAY 2011 | Third prize Space Settlement Design Contest –
Space Colony
NASA Ames Research Center competition