Klimentina | 13th month | Geo Milev
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13th month | Geo Milev

On poems of Geo Milev “Wind” association | Valeriya Vylcheva – director | Sofia

13th month”, based on poetry from one of my most favorite writers and true inspiration – Geo Milev, was one of the most challenging works in the process of my studies. Working for the first time with a text without a direct narrative brought the process of accessing it into in-depth literature analysis, into which every word bears mystery and symbolism and needs to be outlined.

Another challenge appeared to be the time frame and the team set up. The piece itself was supposed to be experimental, so all people involved in the production of the play were dealing with several tasks at a time. The stage and costume design team included 7 people who had to finish the project from scratch within 2 weeks. Sometimes this working flow can be perceived as a test on one’s personal borders and stress resistance, creativity and team work.

The following images represent my subjective idea for a prototype and the released contribution.

Team: Boyan Arson, Denitza Darinova, Miroslava Zahova, Hristo Uchev, Daniela Ivanova.
Aleksandra Yotkovska, Boris Dalchev, Gergana Dimitrova, Elvira Krysteva, Ilina Stefanova,
Mihaela Dobreva, Klimentina Mielnova & Rositza Gruncharova.


October 31, 2018


Stage, theater