Klimentina | Digital Design Weekend London
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Digital Design Weekend London

Digital Design Weekend, Victoria & Albert Museum and Austrian Cultural Forum in collaboration with international group of artist based in Linz, Austria. Current and graduate students from Interface Culture department of University of Art and Design Linz РKunstuniversität On the crossing line between art, design and technology, the artist are navigating each other and the participant trough undefined territories of the multidisciplinarity fields. The projects reveal the topic of human Рmachine relations. Communicated in a playful and interactive way. Expressed trough symbiosys of rational analyses and the imaginary

Questioning the fundamental correlations of our understanding for present and possible future relationships with technology. Interconnected between analogue mediums and algorithms, the artists exspose an evidence of the poetic potential of the digital methodologies.


October 17, 2018


design, Graphic Design