Klimentina | DOKAPI
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Dokapi it is embodied metaphor for modern neo-liberalism, in space. Bar, coffee and creative workshop environment in one. Pause in your daily routine, where always can find coffee and someone to discuss all the existential troubles coming into your day. Serving fresh cooked meals from students to students, in this way evoke communal experiences trough development of culinary skills. Hosting musical events, concerts and parties from young and unknown artist to famous bands. All of this born and made from enthusiasm. The expected outcomes is the common ground that it happen to be build and the natural habitats for organic creative flow.

In the time durance of one year I had the opportunity to be one of the managers of this space. Trough this I start to cultivate knowledge of how to deal with social situation in a big scale of people. Learning how to keep friendly based efficient and professional relationships with a team. For this time we organized more than ten party musical events, several concerts and couple of workshops and talks.

ÖH Café Dokapi is the place where that hosts Austrian Student organization – ÖH. In the crossroad between students, professors and outsiders we tried to find balance which makes everyone to feel free.



November 7, 2018