Klimentina | Dracena connection
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Dracena connection


Dracena Connection” project is a collaborative work with Mario Romera Gomez which is an exploration of new methods for plant interfaces creation. The artistic approach shows how plants would be feeling after a human’s hand touch. “Plant perception or bio-communication is the paranormal idea that plants are sentient, that they respond to humans in a manner that amounts to ESP, and that they experience pain and fear. The idea was not accepted, as plants lack a nervous system. This idea is distinct from measured plant perception and chemical communication.”

Normally the human intervention in natural environments occur to be destructive and when not at least occurs to be protective in a very unnatural ways. This artwork reflects about the crossroads between systems and its boundaries to get a good feedback and understanding. The electrical capacity of our body and the plant makes the conductive difference which would trigger the relations between the human, plant, and technology systems which make us able to enable the necessities care for the plant to get a feedback from the result to satisfy it. The plant response is apart from the image that makes us see how are the condition by the color of the leaves and its shape and firmness; the sound would be the quality which would trigger another unexpected feeling. Moreover, ”Dracena Connection” is another approach to make more natural communication in which the feeling of technology doesn’t have to be entirely artificial.


May 8, 2018


Interactive Art