Klimentina | Einstain on the beach
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Einstain on the beach

The project is an optic and conceptual remake of the opera “Einstein of the beach” by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson. It is a synthesis between arts, music and science.
My work represents the co-existence between music and mathematics into a visual performance.

The Glass-Wilson’s opera tends to look in a metaphorical way into Einstein’s life: a life of a scientists, philanthropist, amateur musician and foremost the life of the person whose theoretical research led to the splitting of the atom. Although, it is hard to anticipate a “plot” in “Einstein on the beach”, the climactic scene clearly depicts nuclear holocaust. Following the narrative that the present exists in the context of eternity, the atom becomes a form of singularity of its own universe.

In the process of my work, the stage setting is divided into two distinctive parts. The first one represents a pattern of depicting the capitalism as a movement and the man as a machine. The second part is based on theories from the Platonic solids and elements about sacred geometry, characterizing the universal harmony and balance. A still projection of Einstein’s figure is permanently shown over a cube skeleton on stage. It is a reference to the “human box”; space that eventually collapses and outspreads to a shape of a cross. The end leads to the very beginning.

The costume design is inspired by the workers uniforms of industrial employers in a mixture with urban fashion features. Resized cuts are giving mutational expressions of the body and follow the geometrical pattern of the environment.


May 10, 2018