Klimentina | External Trajectory
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External Trajectory

The project represents the embodied experience of an individual everyday digital footprint via a translation of the virtual space motion into common daily movements, such as riding a bike. Based on the belief that the translation of a virtual two-dimensional (2D) environment, representing a relatively passive act, into a three-dimensional (3D) environment with an active cost represents a useful way of tackling the sustainability awareness problem among laypeople.
Via establishing a relatively simple but thought-provoking physical task, in such a way creating a dialogue with the participants and guide our research towards a better understanding of the mutual entanglements of digital environments and the ecology. Hence, the participants would be capable to feel or better bringing into their realization the virtual space as an integral part of the questions concerning ecology and sustainable future.

The project works with an accelerometer sensor and Wi-fi-based microcontroller, in order to be completely free from any wires. Every movement of the bike is represented on the desktop of the connected computer. The ring of the bell is the click. The participant has the task to fulfill the range of digital miles out with the bike. Cycling through the windows. In such a way, the need for movement is forced from the design of the software.
The project was presented in the event “Sankt Interface” in 2016 organised by Enrique Tomás and César Escudero Andaluz.


July 28, 2021


Interactive Art