Klimentina | MADE IN LINZ | Graphic & Set Design | Exhibition
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MADE IN LINZ | Graphic & Set Design | Exhibition

The project was realized in cooperation between Gabriela Gordillo, Zeynab Zarringhoba, Klimentina Milenova, Qian Xu, Antonio Zingaro

With the task to create a holistic visual identity for the exhibition “Made in Linz”, with our team we develop a coherent web, set, and print design,
in which all elements correlate and clearly communicate the purpose.
The starting point of the concept research was the extraordinary character of the city itself. The matter of location, that contain unexpected multicultural side.
This brought the general vision of a grid, reminding minimal and neutral, but acting as a metaphor of connection. Such as the playful element of the title itself – “Made (in) Linz”
reminding that the core element for developing the character of a place is the people in it.

It was important to bring the aesthetics of the design as well in the exhibition space in an elegant, but yet clear way.



October 17, 2018


design, Graphic Design