Klimentina | Through the Far-See-Er
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Through the Far-See-Er

Imagining an Institute for eUtopia
by Sam Bunn

with Leonie Reese, Sebastian Six, Gabriela Gordillo, Klimentina Milenova, Karin Schmid, Katharina Lackner, Fabian Frei, Pippa Buchanan, Gregor Woschitz, Jürgen Ropp, Remo Rauscher, Laurien Bachmann, Dominic Schraml, Elisabeth Schrempf, David Theil, Sabine Bujnoch, Sabine Pfeiffer, Pete Hindle, Xian Zheng, Sarah Duringer, Bernadette Laimbauer, Pia Mayrwöger, Isabella Auer and Reinhard Zach.

“(Television’ in German is ‘Fernseer’, which means ‘far-see-er’)

Through the Far-See-Er was a one person, 30 minute experience like being the star of an action movie for a missing genre – eutopia (positive futures). Each visitor was pummeled with ideas, information and minor physical challenges as the machinery of the exhibition moved itself around especially for them.”

Sebastian Six, Gabriela Gordillo and Klimentina Milenova
“xxx.scape” is a sonic intervention, that interacts with the space by following the dynamics that happen inside it, and triggering new ones, intending a symbiotic relation that moves through different states.

Sound investigation, open experiment. In group dynamics, passing trough analytical, theoretical journey of – how do we create, build environment trough sound. Exploration of space structures, behaving vividly the function that comes with the particular sound effects.

Vocals, sampling and electronics are used to create a sound scape, that respond to improvisational setup guided through dynamics of play. A participatory format makes it open to any occasional intervention.



December 21, 2018


Stage, theater