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Choir Collective


Vocal Metamorphosis
Construction Choir Collective (CCC) is a low-threshold, open and democratic collective creating artistic work. The choir and its members feel obliged to express solidarity with one another and towards society and therefore embrace the participation of inexperienced singers.

For a choir it is an inevitable condition to hear each other and to be heard – to be within calling distance to each other. In this sense, the collective has set itself the task of finding ways to make its stylistic diverse repertoire heard, even in times of required social distance, and thus to create a poetic-philosophical medium of connection through the joy of singing. The project “Vocal Metamorphosis” combines characteristically varying fragments with each other, creating a space of expression not only on an acoustic but also on a visual level, thus transforming the perspective on public spaces and making them different and newly perceptible.

The atmospheric interplay between distance and proximity, silence and exclamation, order and chaos refers to the fundamental right of a democratic society to raise its voice.

song description

1) Rosas Pandan

2) Lux Aurumque

3) Weep, O mine Eyes

4) Fair Phyllis

5) Eduti iii – Nava Hemyari

6) Bre Petrunko


July 13, 2020


photo, video